SMART-CARE network meeting 2021

See the network of a collaborative project grow

SMART-CARE had its second plenary progress meeting, to discuss recent achievements towards our common goal to identify cancer predictors. Great progress was reported by the clinical, mass spectrometric and data analysis teams in collecting precious clinical material and establishing workflows to generate and analyse proteomic and metabolomic data. But it was particularly rewarding to see the increasing synergy among the groups to integrate the various areas of expertise. „It is really nice to see that things start falling into place, and that our joint efforts are delivering the first useful datasets“, says Torsten Mueller, a postdoc in the Krijgsveld mass spectrometry team focused on automation of proteomic sample preparation. „In addition, it was fantastic to see everyone in person, after so many online meetings. It gives you a much better sense of the tight collaboration as a consortium!“.